Before we dig in, did you read our  'HOW IT WORKS'  page?

1.  How long before I receive my purchased codes? Usually within an hour. The hard rule is: Codes purchased prior to 6pm, M - F will be returned by 10pm that day. 

2.  Can I make multiple code purchases at one time? Yes! Each separate purchase will receive it's own individual code. It will be up to you to send them individually to the lucky recipients.

3. During 'Checkout' it says 'Applicable fees apply'. What's up with that?  There are no shipping fees. Zero. Zip. Nada.

4. Is there a list of future events? Yep. Click HERE for a list of future events. 

5. What happens if the value of the Gift Code doesn't cover the cost of the ticket? No problem. The difference is made up by the recipient using PayPal or a credit card.